• Date: 5/20/2022 01:00 PM - 5/24/2022 04:00 PM
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The Three-Body Purification Retreat is designed to flush out accumulated toxicity, interrupt obsessive patterns of thinking, and resolve buried feelings.

The detailed practices will allow you to gradually rise above the mind, make right choices, and find the joy in each day, despite external circumstances.

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, the Chakra Institute’s founder, offers more than four decades of experience and has guided thousands of people around the world. His unique ability to produce the ethereal element of soorya akasha with his voice allows many people to experience powerful changes.

Through his chants and teachings, and through meditation and a dietary protocol, you will begin to purify your three bodies: the physical body, the causal body (thoughts) and the subtle body (feelings).     

Many participants have found this program to be life transforming.

About the Three Bodies:

Physical body: Between the cells of our physical body, there is considerable space. The other two bodies (causal and subtle, described below) pervade this space—like radio waves pervade the “solid” walls of a room.

Subtle body: The seat of our feelings. The subtle body has seven major spinning wheels of light energy (chakras), energized by the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air and akasha (space). Elements—and combinations of elements—play an essential role in determining how we feel. Under conditions of stress and toxicity, the elements lose their purity and potency. This may have a negative effect on our feelings. For instance, when the earth element is in abundance, we feel solid and grounded, and our confidence is strengthened, while if earth is dispersed, we may feel weak and sluggish. When air is plentiful, we may feel buoyant and more loving; if polluted, it can cause us to feel uncaring.

Causal body: Where our thoughts reside. Human beings, in the process of survival, evaluate changes in their environment first in the causal body by means of thought. Thoughts generate feelings in the subtle body, which are then expressed in the physical body. Thoughts, feelings, and sensations influence one another

What is Soorya Akasha?

Akasha is the element of the fifth chakra, the source of speech, listening upon the quality of the sound, akasha will be more or less refined. Among the finest akaaha is soorya akasha. Some of the many beneficial effects of Sorya Akasha are:

• Establishes new connections among neurons

• Produces a healing effect on the immune system

• Aides integration of all three fields: causal, subtle and physical

• Reduces breathing rate

• Brings contentment to the seven chakra minds

• Integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain

• Refines the early (reptilian and mammalian) brain

• Aides unattached observation of phenomenal world

• Stimulates opening of the sixth microchakra™of the fifth chakra, the locus of the Inner Guru

• Facilitates meditation        

Ayurvedic dietary protocol for Purification retreat: 
The retreat's dietary protocol will address allergies, skin problems, headache, joint pain, sore throat, constipation, fatigue, and other health issues.

We experience these symptoms when our lymphatic system is compromised. The ayurvedic fall protocol will help to cleanse the toxins stored in our fat cells, stabilize your mood, and increase mental clarity.

The diet is designed to enhance fat metabolism in the cells. Because fat is a stable fuel, you will experience a sense of calm when you enter the fat metabolism mode. You will have an opportunity to learn how to prepare and enjoy organic, gluten-free purifying vegetarian meals. The diet will be supplemented with cleansing and digestive herbs and supplements.

This diet will help to detox and nourish your lymphatic system.

The customized dietary protocol, the foods and supplementation for the entire retreat will be designed for each participant depending upon their needs.

Upon completion of your registration, a list of materials recommended for the purification will be sent to you. 

Retreat Agenda and Practices:*

- Sunrise meditation with recorded sounds (sent via email)
- Ten classes with Sri Shyamji:
Includes Microchakra Psychology, Naada (yoga of sound) and Svar (yoga of breath)
- Microtone chanting
- Five group classes with Marina:
Chanting by Sri Shyamji's recordings extracted from the classes, InnerTuning exercises & Nutrition

Marina Toleva is a certified Holistic Health Coach and a Yoga Teacher.
Since 2010 she has been assisting Sri Shyamji in Purification Retreats providing nutritional counseling, yoga practices and guidance with InnerTuning.

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Suggested reference:

Microchakras, InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being, by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, available from Amazon.